If you are a florist wanting the highest quality, freshest cut flowers please contact us via email or phone.  We offer the following flowers wholesale to the trade in quantities of ten bunched stems and offer delivery in the Canandaigua and Rochester area:






Our cold storage is limited, and would prefer to be known for our freshness, but also realized we have a limited growing season in Western New York.  Peonies in particular will be available for limited periods picked in bud and cooled.

We also offer some woody ornamentals in season, such as lilac, hydrangea, box and forsythia.  We are continually trying to add to and expand our selections.

If you would like a particular flower here we may try it.

Finally we ask for your patience with us as we learn this business.  Ed will try to grow anything and Maria can arrange with the best, but we are trying to learn patterns, quantities and all of the rest of working with nature to grow the best crop.

As flowers come into season they will be listed below with a representative picture.

For the Floral Trade